About Me

Hello, my names Bethany, I'm 23 years old and I'm currently studying Business and Management at Sheffield Hallam University. For many a year now, I've found myself logging into Youtube each evening after work and catching up on my subscriptions. Some people like to catch up on Hollyoaks or Eastenders, but for me, Youtube has always been my go-to form of entertainment.

Through Youtube I've discovered many amazing Beauty Guru's such as the lovely Sammi from BeautyCrush, Estee from EssieButton and of course Zoe from Zoella alongside many, many, more. It's quite common to here a Youtuber say "I'll link the blogpost down below" and for a while it never even crossed my mind to read blogs, until one day I stumbled upon Lily Melrose's blog (LLYMLRS) and instantly fell in love. Three years later here I am regularly uploading my own blog posts and I feel like I've finally found my niche.

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